Turkan (Tamara) Asik

Business Systems Operator

The role of the Business System Operator (BSO ) is a key position within the office. The BSO is responsible for tasks such as the CMS system, keeping up to date with legislation changes, transmitting and managing changes to listings, communications with clients, customers, solicitors and conveyancers, management of contracts, organising staff training, Assistant to Directors and various other daily tasks necessary to ensure the smooth running of the office, its staff and clients.

Starting as a Director of First Impressions, Tamara has gained the knowledge and experience needed to understand the key aspects of providing exceptional customer service and is committed and determined to continue to learn, excel and grow within the real estate industry.

You may never have need to meet the BSO but be assured the management of the office and your listings is being taken care of by a trained professional assisting your sales agent on a daily basis to market your property to its full potential.